Суббота, октября 02, 2010 | Автор: margosha

7866  300x225 hram neba 17 Храм Неба (The Temple of Heaven) Храм Неба

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  1. The Temple of Heaven is located in Beijing. Its in a huge park so you can walk around
    and enjoy the fresh air whilst exercising. Its a very nice park and you will see many
    locals walking around there. Also there is lots of Chinese tourists visitng the site
    just like you. Its nice to spend a few hours there and
    balance it with something else in Beijing.
    You will be amazed by the site and the style. Its is truly remarkable.

    If you are interested to have a guided tour of this site feel free to
    contact me.
    I have around 12 years experience in guided tours with people from all over the world.

    I am a professionally licenced guide. Weldome to my hometown Beijing.

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